When not programming, playing with circuits, or researching, I sometimes spend time with my some of my hobbies. One of these hobbies is art. This page shows a few items I've done in the past, and I hope to add more in the future. For larger versions of the pieces, click on the image displayed. Also, if you enjoy art, be sure to check out some of my friends' pages listed at the bottom of this page.



 Study of Apprentice Robinton's First Experiment

In 1997, Carla Owen assigned her art students to find a picture that they liked and to recreate it in a pen and ink medium in a stipple style. Pictured here is the piece I created for that assignment. This version was published in the July 4, 1997 edition of "Texas Register." Unexpectedly, it was printed upside down.

The original, entitled  Apprentice Robinton's First Experiment, is a piece of artwork that appeared in Jody Lynn Nye's Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, a reference book for fans of Anne McCaffrey's Pern series.


 Cake Decorating

Once in a very rare while, I will make and decorate a cake. I hope to do this more often, and if the endeavours are successes perhaps I will add additional photos here.


Christmas 2003

This is a self-portrait that I drew in December of 2003 as a Christmas gift.


 Friends' Artwork

Several of my friends are very talented artists. Feel free to browse their sites and enjoy their work. Most of them have items for sale or are willing to make items on commission.

Lisa Eshkenazi has been a friend of mine for many years. Her artwork is primarily fantasy oriented, and most of the pieces on her website are in watercolor. She has many items for sale and would be glad to work for commission.
I met Amy Perkins several years ago at UNT. Almost all of her artwork is some form of 3-D. On her site, you will find sculptures, jewelry, Renaissance clothing, furniture, and a number of other items that she has made. Amy works primarily on a commission basis.
Jim and Sue Huckaby own a business known as Small House Pottery. Jim makes all of the items by hand, and Sue paints many of the designs. They enjoy traveling and selling their work at art festivals across the country. A selection of their work can be ordered online.



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