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SHED (Shared Editor) is a console editor that enables multiple users to view and edit documents. Unlike most collaborative software, SHED does not limit editing to a single user at a time. Instead, a centralized server manages the locking of individual lines on an as-needed basis. Additionally, users are free to navigate the document independently of the other users. SHED is currently in a pre-release state, but design ideas for Version 2 are being mapped out. You can obtain the latest version of SHED here.

Programming: Cheryl-Annette Kincaid, Brandon Parker, & Robert Freeberg.
Design: Cheryl-Annette Kincaid, & Brandon Parker

"SHED" - Official Website

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 Chickum: The Game

This program was a semester-long project created for Dr. Ian Parberry's game programming course at UNT. Loosely based on the children's story Chicken Little, "Chickum: The Game" takes our hero, Dirk C. Little, through four levels of sky-falling action in his quest to warn The King. To download the game or for more information about system requirements and game play, visit the Chickum website at

Programming:   Cesar Stastny, Cheryl-Annette Kincaid, & Marty O'Neill II
Art:  Bill Crawford

"Chickum: The Game" - Official Website


As an exercise in screen manipulation using ncurses, a friend of mine created a program that randomly places digits until the screen is virtually filled. Using this program as inspiration and a base, I modified the code to use a variety of ASCII characters placed and timed so as to appear to fall in a style similar to what is seen in the Matrix films.

Compile and run this program on a Unix/Linux machine.

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"Labyrinth" a.k.a. "The Search for the Evil Cook-E Monster" was a group project that was created as part of Dr. Armin Mikler's networking course. This game allows up to eight people to play simultaneously over a network, and it requires the cooperation of the players to achieve success in navigating the maze, locating the treasures, and eventually conquering the "Evil Cook-E Monster". The game runs in Linux and uses ncurses to display the on the console.

Programming:  Cheryl-Annette Kincaid, Brandon Parker, & Kevin Peterson

See the "readme" file for information on game play, system requirements, and setup instructions.
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